While many payroll companies offer a take-it-or-leave-it, cookie cutter approach, we tailor our services to meet the needs of each individual client. And now you can get this complete, personalized payroll service more cost-effectively than ever before.

Contact us to find out the many benefits to having your own personalized payroll service. You and your staff can concentrate on growing your business.

We make things right for our Clients

  • "I felt that we were well represented and Scioli's acted in our best interest. Everything was explained in simple terms and all of my questions were answered. I never felt rushed on the phone. I felt that I would not have survived without Scioli's".
    Linda A.
  • "I always felt [my Advocate] was honest with me and I'm quite sure they did all that they possibly could do to resolve my issue in a positive was for me. Although that did not work out, I'm confident they did their very best."
  • "Very satisfied with service. [Our Advocate] was extremely helpful in a very difficult process. Their guidance was timely and accurate. I would recommend [Scioli & Associates] to anyone dealing with an IRS audit."
  • "There is no way for a lay-person to navigate with all the legalities of the IRS; not allowing anyone to talk to them unless you know how and who and when to speak to them. Each person at Scioli's was always customer centered, responsive, and respectful. I liked that their professionalism, respect, and timeliness to take action resulted in a FINAL RESOLUTION! I am very grateful this nightmare is over and I very much appreciate my Advocate, the Accounts Manager, and all of the other office professionals that I have worked through. They reflect the ultimate costumer service delivery model!"
    Catherine H.
  • "Everything was expedited, structured, and had a well organized resolution. I liked the expertise in the area of representation and ability to work effectively. Clear, concise information, direction, and advice were given by our Advocate. Great work!"
  • "I really liked how prompt everyone was with getting me information and returning my calls and requests. Also love that everything is explained to me very simply so I fully understood what was happening in my case. Thank you!"
    Abby S.
  • "The compassion with which the very professional services were delivered is what I liked best. The representation was excellent, clear, and timely advice was given by my Advocate. The entire staff treated us well and completely resolved our difficult issues!"
    Linda T.
  • "You're, by far, the most professional group I have worked with ever. I hope I don't need you in the future, but if I do, I'll be able to sleep and not worry!"
    LeRoy K.
  • "The best part of their payroll services is knowing all of the proper documents are filled out and sent to the right State and Federal offices. It makes it easier to run our business."
    Dana K.
  • "Since we have been able to work with [Scioli & Associates], payroll hasn't been that thing we try to avoid. Our Advocate has been very helpful and professional, and we enjoy working with them."
    Richard H.
  • "We loved the compassion and knowledge that all the staff members had; it gave me confidence that my husband and I would get through this difficult time. Your firm is flawless in our eyes! Your company helped my husband and I start over after a financial tsunami! It is still difficult, but I never once had to worry about the [representation] your company handled for us. Your firm really had our backs [and] helped get our feet back on the ground! Thank you!"