Frequently Asked Questions

It is hard to keep current on our ever changing tax laws. We provide a variety of questions and answers that we think will be beneficial to all of our customers. Along with FAQs about our services we have provided a section called Tax Teasers. Here you can find questions and answers to your individual or business needs.

1What type of representation does your firm provide?
Our firm will represent clients in the areas of general Federal, State, and Local tax compliance, Appeals, Audits, Foreign & Offshore Reporting, Injured & Innocent Spouse representation, Installment Agreements, Levy Defense, Liens, Offer in Compromises, Penalty Abatements, Trust Funds, and US Tax Court filings. All of these services are available to both businesses and individuals.
2Will the retainer cover the entire cost?
Since we bill at an hourly rate, the retainer will only cover the first few hours of the work we’ll provide. We do not bill at flat rates due to each case being different in nature and complexity. Your monthly invoices will show you what work is provided for the previous month and give you a due date for your balance with our firm.
3How much is your representation going to cost?
Total cost is dependent on client cooperation, validity of client records, the government’s response time, and the overall complexity of the case. Because of these varying factors, we cannot predict exact cost. We can, however, tell you that our firm will always work diligently to be cost effective for our clients. If you become concerned with the cost, contact our billing department and they will work with you to handle your account.
4What if I can’t afford to pay the retainer in full?
If you cannot afford to pay the retainer in full, we will require financial documentation to provide our billing department so that they can approve you for a payment plan. Once approved, the retainer must be paid within the first three (3) months of engagement with our firm. Contact our billing department for exact details.
5What if I can’t afford to pay my monthly invoice in full?
Invoices are due in full every month and if you cannot afford to pay in full, our firm will work with you to set up a monthly, automatic payment plan. Our firm provides a payment plan as a courtesy and convenience to clients as an affordable way to pay for services. Contact our billing department for exact details.
6How long will it take to resolve my case?
Since the government can set their response deadlines for up to eighteen (18) months after our firm submits documentation, it’s very difficult to give a concrete timeframe for resolution; it’s all based on how quickly the government responds to us. Although, our firm can promise that when we receive major case updates from the government, we’ll let you know immediately. You’ll be kept up to date on all critical correspondences and deadlines with the government.

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